Calc Zero v1.3 is approved

posted Aug 5, 2009, 1:51 PM by Chad Kirby
Apple has approved the update in record time--only 1.5 weeks.

Lots of good stuff in 1.3:
  • New Memory functions (touch and hold to access additional functionality);
  • New preferences: text display color; key shake on/off; adjustable threshold for display of scientific notation;
  • New H.MMSS and M.SS keys for easier entry of Hours:Mins:Secs and Mins:Secs;
  • New pop-up submenu for x squared/square root key (touch and hold to access additional functionality);
  • revised Scientific mode keys;
  • New RLC mode (with common EE units and series/parallel operator keys);
  • Improvements to upside-down spelling mode;
  • Misc. Bug fixes and UI improvements.