Update submitted to app store 7/26

posted Jul 27, 2009, 9:25 AM by Chad Kirby
Submitted an update last night including the following revisions:
  • New Memory functions;
  • New preferences: text display color; key shake on/off; adjustable threshold for display of scientific notation;
  • New H.MMSS and M.SS keys for easier entry of Hours:Mins:Secs and Mins:Secs;
  • New pop-up submenu for x squared/square root key;
  • revised Scientific mode keys;
  • New RLC mode (with common EE units and series/parallel operator keys);
  • Improvements to upside-down spelling mode;
  • Misc. Bug fixes and UI improvements.
Adding the Memory function required moving some buttons around. The square/square root functions are now handled by a single button in the main numbers and operators pane. Touch and hold for a fraction of a second to expose additional buttons, then slide your finger to the right to select. On the upside, cubed and cube root functions will be available in all modes. On the downside, if you are switching back and forth between squared and square root operators, you'd have to touch-and-slide a lot, which is less convenient than simply pressing a dedicated button. To address this issue, I added dedicated squared and square root buttons to scientific mode. Of course, that meant that something else had to give, so I "overloaded" the log/antilog buttons. A single button will handle natural and base-10 log operations (via touch-and-slide), and a single button will handle natural and base-10 antilog operations. This will make more sense when you see the update.

Also, look for an ellipses in the upper-right corner of buttons that are overloaded via touch-and-swipe. Touch and hold over these buttons for a split second to expose the additional swipe-able buttons.